Transcription of Marc Ribot : La Vida Es Un Sueño

Here is a transcription and recording I did in 2005 of La Vida Es Un Sueño by Arsenio Rodriguez, arranged by Marc Ribot. The transcription is of the guitar (Ribot) and bass (Brad Jones) parts of the studio recording of the La Vida Es un Sueño. I did this transcription as an exercise to study Ribot's playing. Here are the files for the transcription:

You can buy the original Ribot recordings on the discography page of his website. The CD is Marc Ribot Y Los Cubano Postizos. I also really like the disc of solo guitar Don't Blame Me of mostly show tunes done on a toy guitar.

The original versions by Rodriguez are great, but as someone said, you have to use your imagination because the recording quality is terrible. There are a bunch of albums with a lot of duplicated material.

Soul Intro to The Chicken

By far the most popular download on my website. This is a transcription of the Soul Intro by Jaco Pastorius to The Chicken by Pee Wee Ellis. I found a scan of a transcription by Mark Welcome. I re-typeset it and made some corrections and additions. Here is a clip of Jaco and a band playing it in 1981. Viewers d'une certaine age will enjoy the closeup of the trumpet player's casio calculator watch at 0:50. (Note: It seems calculator watches have made a comeback.)

Electric Lady Land (Instrumental)

Here is an mp3 of a recording I made while studying a short instrumental version of Electric Lady Land by Hendrix. It would be a good exercise to transcribe it, but I never got around to it.